Theatre applied to Circus. Bristol (UK) 04-08 March 2019

///Theatre applied to Circus. Bristol (UK) 04-08 March 2019

Theatre applied to Circus. Bristol (UK) 04-08 March 2019

Theatre applied to Circus | Learning through sharing/ living the present moment

Bristol (UK) 04th to 8th os March 2019

This workshop, combining practical and research based elements, is designed to enrich the artistic journey of each participant (artist, teacher and/ or director).  The workshop is designed for people who already have a technical base in the circus arts and who desire to push into a deeper level of creative expression and/ or teaching.

Some questions we will look at during the 5-day workshop are:

  • How do you create a performance where every moment is physicalized? 
  • How do you get away from presenting a “theatre show” with “circus elements”, but instead create a perfectly fused piece of work where everything that happens on stage drives from the physical?
  • How do you use the skills of a circus artist to tell a story?
  • How do you continue the use of character when performing your “circus act”?
  • How do we take our skills as circus practitioners and tell a conclusive story- do we only use the skills that continue the story not just “show off” everything we can do? Or is it ok to sometimes do something simply “because you can”? If so, how do you fuse these ideas?
  • How do we keep the “wow” factor of circus that keeps the audience engaged whilst still portraying the overall message?
  • How do we keep the circus artist inside happy that they are being used to their full potential, whilst staying true to the show?


First: do it. Second : reflect on it

The workshop unfolds in two parts, first focusing on practical exercises and then following up with theory, analysis and discussion.

Do it

Practical exercises geared toward achieving greater artistic expression of the present moment. We will focus on stage presence, different types of energies on stage, non-verbal expression and above all the ability “to live it” rather than “to show it.”

This will take place in an atmosphere that favours dialogue and sharing. A playful approach to these exercises is essential to foster open mindedness and to get participants out of their heads and into the work.

Reflect on it

All of this will be completed by the theoretical input of the workshop leader:  technical, theoretical and artistic content on the practice of contemporary circus (theatricality in circus, stage energies, stage presence, awareness of the moment, physical/ corporeal tools for artistic expression).  This will also happen in an atmosphere of dialogue and sharing.

The notions of “artistic identity” and “stage presence” are omnipresent throughout the workshops.


  • Circus as a means of artistic expression – the connections between action, energy, meaning and expressivity
  • Going further together – letting loose, confidence, shaking up habits
  • Theatricality in circus – not ‘breaking’ the circus for a moment of expression or speaking but rather using circus as a veritable theatrical tool
  • The place of tradition in a new and changing world

Escape versus invade: fundamental tools


Albin Warette- the teacher

Albin Warette splits his time and passions between theatre, circus, writing, acting, teaching and directing. Above all, he enjoys being involved in collective projects. Exchanges and co-creations are his greatest motivators considering that a response created together is the best solution. He is involved in several international projects focused on mixing and combining circus and theatre. His main stage orientation is about that: finding connections. He writes and directs circus shows, always reaching in new directions, in an effort to always continue to learn through encounters and exchanges.

His areas of expertise include theatre, “contemporary circus” (cirque nouveau), street theatre and improvisation.

As a director and author who combines circus and theatre, his artistic palette diversifies with each new project. (Kaaos Kaamos, Cirque Exalté, Cia Zenhire, Collectif Prêt à Porter, Cie Etienne Saglio/Monstres, Famille Goldini…) Internationally, he has taught at professional circus schools and theatres in Brazil, Spain, Hungary, Sweden, Belgium, Serbia, Latvia and Germany. He also teaches theatre for circus in the French circus school, Le Lido, Toulouse.

As an actor, he performs in improvisation shows, plays, short films, and performance pieces such as “theatre of the invisible.” (Collectif CEM, Horizons Croisés…)

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