Parkour and Physical Training. Circus In Beweging. Arpil 2019

///Parkour and Physical Training. Circus In Beweging. Arpil 2019

Parkour and Physical Training. Circus In Beweging. Arpil 2019

Workshop in “parkour and physical training” for all ages and groups.

22-26 April2019

Cirkus in Beweging – Leuven/Belgium and the Educircation-CIRCE network

Parkour (taught by Nicolas Vanhole and Geert Meeusen)

Methodology Parkour

The essence of Parkour is to try to move through the environmrnt in a smooth, creative, and controlled manner and this in all different ways.

Climbing, jumping, swinging, summersaulting and numerous other options. Central in this free movement style is creativity and control. Your body is in a constant dialogue with the environment. This way you get to know the possibilities of your body , in an environment that has a lot more to offer, than you might think at first sight.

Learning fundamental motorskills in a playfull way.

Parkour is excellent for developing basic motor skills because in almost all parkour movements we use the entire body. We work on coordination, flexibiliy, balance, power, stamina, speed and estimation capacity.

Experiencing success and pleasure are fundamental. Therefor we always adapt our work tailored to the participants.

Parkour is often considered to be a dangerous and extreme sport. When tackled in the right way and taught in progressive manner, parkour becomes very accessible. Learning to judge your own safety is one of the most important conditions to practice parkour in a safe way.

The non-competitive nature of parkour guarantees that each and every one can practice parkour at his own personal level. Working together is more important than working individually. During the training you inspire and help each other to move forward as a team.

Everyone can do parkour. When you work in a safe and controlled way all solutions and ways of moving are right and nothing is wrong. Each movement offers numerous variations that can make the exercise more or less difficult. Good experiences of success give the participant confidence. Confidence within parkour but it also transfers to other sports and even to being more confident in your daily life.

Our starting point is to make everyone move despite their age, sexes, ethnical background, belief or conviction.

Everyone has to get the chance to move. Everyone has to experience success, each one at their own level and through this be motivated to move and do sports all lifelong.

Parkour is widely accessible and therefor parkour contributes to moving in a sustainable way.

Responsibility and working together

We want to work on a strong group feeling where participants encourage and help each other. Through giving them bit by bit more responsibility, the participants will get better in helping and guiding each other during the training. We do this by giving feedback to each other in a constructive way.

They dare to ask each other help and feedback at certain jumps or exercises. This to give them more confidence or support. This way of working creates a strong group feeling. Not only individuals have to progress but the whole group has to move forward.

Our task is to teach people parkour but most of all to teach people how to move and to discover what they can do with their body. We teach them a lot of basic movements and the rest comes from their own creativity. As long as a movement is performed safe and controlled it is “right”. By offering them a situation where movements can be learned safely and where there is room for personal interpretation, we respond to their creativity.

It is important that participants learn in an atmosphere where they feel they can make mistakes and that they can learn from making mistakes. Participants have to have the feeling that they can try out and practice on finding new movements.

Some new movements can be picked up by the teachers and can then be developed further. Whenever we see interesting things, we remember them or film them and so we try to analyse these new movements. This way we can teach these movements the next time in an efficient way.

We offer in each class a big variety of movements. In each training we work in different stations and in each workshop the focus is on a certain movement. This way we make sure that the participants can really train on certain techniques.

All levels of parkour will be shown and trained. Starting from the very basic movements and the first steps of teaching, we will build up to an advanced level.

Parkour for all ages: 6-8 year olds, 9-12 year olds, 12-15 year old, 16+ and adults and we look at the different levels of teaching (beginners, intermediate, advanced).

Theoretical backgrounds will be taught as well as special didactics on teaching parkour. Parkour as an independent training class or parkour as part of a circus class.

The teachers have built the parkour hall themselves and will talk about and demonstrate the constructions.

We will train every day and can observe many parkour classes with many different ages and levels.

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