Theater Clown Workshop. Thessaloniki 01 – 05 October 2018

///Theater Clown Workshop. Thessaloniki 01 – 05 October 2018

Theater Clown Workshop. Thessaloniki 01 – 05 October 2018


Theater Clown Workshop

Thessaloniki 01 – 05 October 2018

Our educational approach is based on the clown code of the faculty of internationally renowned French theater teacher Philippe Gaulier. The basis is game, simplicity, truth, generosity. In the ten years of our common teaching, we have incorporated many elements from our personal experience in theater, but also from our common quests. In this way, our own clown approach and a fresh way of teaching, which combines a deep knowledge of the clown’s theatrical code with a continuous internal spiritual quest, was finally formed.

Observing the process of our students, we realized how healing is this education at the spiritual level, as it brings us in touch with our true self. To get to the discovery of my clown, I need to make a deep introspection, empty the canvas from so much information and the space that will be created to fill it with innocence, light, love. To reveal the diamond that is in the core of my being. The clown with the innocent and pure qualities is inviting us, it can become a path that awaken us at different levels.

Our understanding, after so many years, has led us to enrich education with new exercises we have invented and to give an approach that apart from the technique, it has elements of introspection, deep and from the heart of communication with everyone and with the whole group, ultimately seeking this essence, which makes us real people.


Fransicsco Britto – Nandia Kavoulakou

Day 1

Circle of acquaintances. Circle of peace and relaxation – relaxation exercises. Group games of acquaintances – Breaking the ice and seriousness

Introduction to the red nose – first contact with the world of the clown through games and basic exercises

Explore: walk and sounds. Introduction to the comic simplicity and code of the clown – examples

Exploratory improvisations of comity. The discovery of the audience. Circle of sharing and queries

Day 2

Circle of peace and emptiness

Concentration and Trust Exercises – call to here and now. Group games of vigilance and spontaneous release

Exploring the imagination and the body’s humor and voice. Exercises for presence and comfort on the stage

Communication with the public – contact with our truth – openness and generosity

Identifying and realizing the peculiarities of each, which are tools for the clown

Assign a theme for a suit. First simple solo improvisations. Circle of sharing and queries

Day 3

Circle of peace and emptiness. Exercises for deeper engagement and bond the group. Group games for lightness and disposition. Body warm-up – research for comic qualities and gathering. Introduction to clown logic: a world without data – its problem and its solution –reversal of data.

Search for the “off-balance” situation

Mr. Flop: Clown’s best friend. How do you play with failure? Reception of public response –hot and cold showers

Presentation of the costume and “interview”. Circle of sharing and queries

Day 4

Circle of peace and emptiness. Physical contact and warm-up in couples – development of communication and conspiracy (collaborator). Group games for fun and energy upgrading of joy and give away. Exercises for free flow of emotions – processing the whole range of emotions in a game

Search sensitivity through improvisational exercises

Fixed point – timing

Introduction to the duet code. Duet improvisations. Circle of sharing and queries


Day 5

Circle of peace and emptiness. Energy exercises and visions. Group games and body warm-up. Work on “impulse”. Exercises “Sudden Death” – save your life! Work with an object

Open lesson to the public: exercises and improvisations with solo and duet

Closing circle: total sum-up and farewell ceremony


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