Theatre in circus – Budapest – April 2011

///Theatre in circus – Budapest – April 2011

Theatre in circus – Budapest – April 2011


 Theater in Circus – 6 day workshop with Albin Warette

This workshop will be organized in Budapest by Hungarian Juggling Association.

6 days – 10th – 12th + 14th -16th April 2011
Practise: 7 hours a day, 9-12 and 13.30-17.30
Theory: 1 hour discussion every day 17.30-18.30
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Teacher: Albin Warette


Understanding how to teach theater to circus people, integration of theater to circus techniques and combining it with circus skills (juggling, acrobatics, clown etc.)


Participants can profit at different levels: those who have theater and teaching backgrounds will get a wide repertoire of exercises by the end of the course, those who have a background as a circus artist can learn methodology that can later be transferred to their community.

Practical exercises to help development:

  • dramatic approach to circus,
  • developing improvisational skills
  • understanding more about stage presence
  • space awareness
  • contact with the audience
  • narrative line and/ or dramaturgy of a show or an act Subjects of theoretical discussion
  • understanding what is behind the exercises
  • discussing the possibility of using the same exercises in varying circumstances – different age groups (kids or adults), groups of professionals or amateurs, healthy or disadvantaged people, within a single workshop or a longer developmental process.
  • ways of instruction
  • theoretical discussion is also a flexible time for questions-answers

In general, Albin Warette can help to understand how to build a long-term thematic and how to sequence exercises. The workshop makes it clearer how to construct thematic relevant to the specific group and setting and your concept and workshop aims.

Manner of working

The workshop is going to be mainly practical. Participants are required to take part actively the whole time. They have to go through the process themselves, to carry out the exercises in order to reach a deep understanding of the purpose of each exercise. During the practical workshop time they will become students, while at the discussion time it is possible to share experience and discuss as colleagues.

There is a small preparation needed before the workshop:

  1. Participants have to learn a small dialogue they will be given by e-mail. It will be the same text – short dialogue – for everybody.
  2. They have to be ready to work on a small circus sequence. So we ask them to prepare a small ’number/ act’, between 30 second and one minute, not more. Inside we have to see : an entrance, a mastered moment (a more beautiful than risky moment), an amazing moment (the circus moment of risk), and a way out. As another part of the preparation, we ask each applicant to send a CV and a short motivation letter by 1st of April. This will also enable us to make the workshop as suitable as possible.
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