Circus for everybody?

///Circus for everybody?

Circus for everybody?


Workshop concentrated on teenagers and people with Down Syndrome
. It´s organized by Jonglier Katakomben in Berlin. 16th – 20th September 2013.

During the workshop we will deal with 3 different areas of inclusive pedagogical work.
  1. Physical principals and approaches & methods of inclusive Circus work with a focus on people with “Down syndrome”.
    1. Dance- and movement training
    2. Basic acrobatics
    3. Principles of balance
We will evaluate our experiences, have a closer look at the methods we use and find the corresponding theories.
  1. Thesis: “Humans with a handicap show a clear bigger extension of potential and development of competences IF the associated pedagogue disposes multilayered competences dealing with handicapped people.”
We will name and discuss the necessary competences as specific tools for circus pedagogues.
  1. We will have 2 afternoons to visit the youth and the grown-up trainingsgroups of “Zirkus Sonnenstich”.
Maybe there is the possibility to also have some artists in the earlier daytime but all of them are working and most of them under very inflexible conditions.


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