Joint Staff Training exchange – Cirqueon (Prague) 14.02.18 – 21.02.18

///Joint Staff Training exchange – Cirqueon (Prague) 14.02.18 – 21.02.18

Joint Staff Training exchange – Cirqueon (Prague) 14.02.18 – 21.02.18

Led by Isabel van Maele in CIRQUEON in Prague, attended by tutors from six countries.
Positives aspects of the JST exchange.


● Use the free time during the JST! -> it’s up to the participants to develop their own needs, exchange working-live experiences and discuss about the projects etc. it’s so precious to have plenty of time for interchanging practical information, game ideas, existing problems…
● Good to have informal meeting! -> safe atmosphere, more confident feeling, more empowerment, more possibilities of taking the initiative
● No leader in the exchange! -> it’s nice to share responsibilities/tasks during the stay…everyone can find a role to support the group
● Get to know each others working live and the structure of their organisations -> realizing the differences and open the mind for other ways of managing a circus space or circus classes 10
● We had some good discussions and brainstorming sessions! -> social circus is a rich way to learn from each other, in adult education, team building etc.
● Networking! -> getting to know everyone really well in an intimate setting permits more space for sharing

Check the useful report of this training here

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